February CEO Blog

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

-Zora Neale Hurston

One of the aspects of the Community Foundation I most value is the importance we put on engaging with our community. It is essential for a community foundation to be not just “for” the community, but also “of” the community. The significance of this cannot be overstated and is at the core of our mission: connecting people to causes that matter. How do we know what causes people to care about an issue if we don’t take the time to listen and learn? My door is always open to you if you would like to share your thoughts, ideas, or feedback. We may not have the answers but seeking feedback from our stakeholders is helping us set a clear, strategic path forward. 

A variety of opportunities always exist to be a part of what is going on at the Community Foundation and in our Lorain County community. I hope you will consider checking out some of these events and opportunities. Our Youth Fund is hosting an Adult 101 Workshop in March, so be sure to share this with the young people in your life – couldn’t we all use an Adult 101 workshop? Are you looking to connect with neighbors to discuss issues that matter, or just interested in meeting new people? Be sure to sign up for the next Lorain Neighbor Night for an evening of community and connection. Finally, as our deadline for scholarships approaches March 2nd, I hope you will consider the opportunity to get involved in supporting our youth. Whether it is a gift to a scholarship fund or volunteering to mentor a young person, we can help you find the best way to get connected and make a difference for our youth. Our Hispanic Fund will be hosting the annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser on April 22 from, 6:00 pm-11:00 pm at Antlers Hotel to fund Latinx Scholarship. Each student who receives an education or advanced training has the power to uplift the entire Latino community. By becoming a part of this mission, you can help create a brighter future for us all. Tickets are available.  

On February 18th, we celebrated the life and legacy of our hometown hero, Toni Morrison. On this special day we honored the 2023 Toni Morrison Scholars, including the winners of the Toni Morrison Essay Contest for Young People, the Toni Morrison Day Poster Contest, and the Poetry Contest. This day has become a favorite day of the year for me and many others, and this year was no different. The contest submissions were thoughtful, inspiring, and full of promise. One quote struck me that I wanted to share with you, from Cecelia from General Johnnie Wilson Middle School: It would be cool if the world had more peace, because it would be cleaner, nicer, healthier, peaceful, etc. I agree, Cecelia and I hope this stays with you and inspires you as it did me.  

As your Community Foundation, we are here for you, our community.  

With gratitude,  


P.S. Don’t forget the deadline for non-profits to be a part of the 2023 Connect to a Cause is March 31st. You don’t want to miss this!