Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is a group of extraordinary individuals who have named the Community Foundation in their estate plans.

Members of our Legacy Society have chosen to retain the use of their assets during their lifetime while knowing they have arranged a future gift to support the causes they’re passionate about.  We are grateful to these donors for including Community Foundation of Lorain County in the realization of their personal, charitable dreams

We recognize these generous individuals as distinguished members of our Legacy Society:

  • Geoffrey and Cynthia Andrews
  • Don Arnold
  • Jeanne and Andrius Balukas
  • Fred and Mary Behm
  • John and Mary Beth Bergenstein
  • Beth Blissman
  • Sue Bowers
  • Barbara Cook
  • Lisa Day
  • Sally DeLuca
  • Mike Eppley
  • Ann Fauver
  • Robert and Melinda Feiklowicz
  • Jean Fischer
  • Brian and Karen Frederick
  • James R. Galley
  • John C. and Candy Gaudry
  • Jim and Nancy Golinski
  • Carol and Albert Gonas
  • Michael and Lee Goodman
  • Shirley Hull
  • Joy Illig
  • John Paul and Marilyn Jones
  • Claudia W. Jones
  • Linda Kerekes
  • William and Helen Mansfield
  • William and Martha McFadden
  • Robert and Janet McMinn
  • Nancy Meyers
  • Jeffery Moats
  • Maxwell Morgan
  • Richard “Kim” L. Mulder
  • Kevin Nash
  • Jane Nord
  • Benjamin and Jane Norton
  • Lois Ohlemacher
  • Nirmala Patel
  • Mark Prinz and Gayle Reeves
  • Elvira Quester
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Reed, Sr.
  • Michelle Reichlin
  • Robert M. Renney
  • George Roling
  • Dr. John and Susan Schaeffer
  • Pete Schneider
  • Judith A. Schutz
  • Denise Shafer and James Strunk
  • Michael Sherrill
  • Carol G. Simonetti
  • Linda Slusser
  • Stephen and Gail Smith
  • Daniel and Linda Styer
  • Drs. John and Eugenia Vanek
  • Joan Villarreal
  • Randall Wagner
  • Karen Wells
  • Janet Kelsey Werner
  • Douglas and Lorie Wilber
  • Helen Woodward
  • Madeline Zaworski
  • Sherry Zimmerman

Join the Legacy Society

Legacy giving only requires a thoughtful intention to make a difference by identifying a charitable organization in your will or estate plan.  These gifts do not require a large income or vast estate in order to have meaning and impact for generations to come.  They can also be made to honor other family members or close friends.  Making Community Foundation the beneficiary of part of your life insurance or retirement accounts can be a great way to make a gift while still taking care of loved ones.   If you’ve taken the generous step of remembering Community Foundation in your will, we’d love to be able to show our gratitude and keep you updated on our work.

Planned gifts can build your legacy.

Learn how one gift can have a lifetime of impact for our community.

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