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Your Charitable Back Office

The Foundation wants to be your partner, your charitable expert. We want to help you help your clients be strategic in their charitable planning and ensure that their plans have impact and sustainability.

We have in-depth knowledge of the nonprofit sector and the needs of the community, financial scenario tools, and access to a variety of charitable giving options including charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, tax-advantage giving, and more.

The Community Foundation of Lorain County has offered custom solutions to your clients’ charitable goals since 1980, and we have an in-depth understanding of community issues, financial expertise, and a passion to serve.

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Our Business is Building Community

With a gift of $10,000, a donor can establish a named fund ($25,000 for scholarship funds) for almost any charitable purpose and at any of various levels of involvement. Fund minimums can be contributed over a five year period. We accept a wide variety of gifts including but not limited to cash, stock, bonds, insurance, real estate, and property such as art or jewelry. Gifts can be made in honor or in memory of a loved one.

Let Us Help Your Business

The Community Foundation of Lorain County offers planned giving resources for donors through our Donor Learning Portal that you may find helpful to guide discussions with your clients. There are also some other helpful practice tools for your use.

On the Resources for Professional Advisors page you may:

  • Sign up for our GiftLaw monthly newsletters to receive the latest news from Washington, tax law updates, PLRs, case studies, and other timely articles.
  • Access GiftLaw Pro, a comprehensive charitable giving and tax information service.
  • Use the GiftLaw Calculator to run charitable deduction calculations.


Consider these example situations:

Solution: The Community Foundation may invoke “variance power” to allow us to fund other organizations in the community with similar missions to ensure that donor intent continues, even when the original organization ceases to provide services.

Solution: The Community Foundation currently owns 400 acres of farmland in southern Lorain County. That land has been sublet to local farmers and the proceeds provide support for school scholarships.

Solution: The Community Foundation has over 120 organizations receiving designated funds from endowments that either the organization has set up themselves or from endowments created by benefactors.