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African American Community Fund

Our Mission

We are dedicated to actively fostering self-sufficiency and promoting self-esteem within the African American community. Our commitment involves creating opportunities for learning and open dialogue on social, health, and race relations. Along with these efforts, we aim to cultivate activities that uplift our community through education, philanthropy, and scholarships, ultimately enhancing the overall strength and quality of life for all citizens.

Our History

Charles Hopkins was a humanitarian whose primary ambition was advocating for the less fortunate members of society. He was adamant in his quest to strengthen race relations in our county and beyond and was keenly aware of the many needs of the elderly, children, and persons with disabilities within our community. In 1989, the Charles E. and Fannie Moore-Hopkins Fund became the first sub-fund within the African American Community Fund. The fund was the sixth of its kind in the United States. In 2003 the Advisory Board established the African-American Scholarship Fund receiving a groundswell of donations to provide scholarships to Lorain County students.


in grants awarded to the community.


invested in student scholarships.

African American Community Fund Grants

The online application opens on October 15.

Application Deadline: November 15
Board Decision: January

The African American Community Fund awards grants to non-profit organizations that address fundamental community needs, problems, or opportunities in the areas of health, social services, education, arts, and civic or cultural affairs in the Black community.  

African American Community Fund Board


  • Kionna Mcintosh-Pharms, President
  • Steve Bush, Vice President
  • Malissa Gettis, Secretary
  • Davon Daniels, Treasurer
  • Danielle Hughes
  • Meredith Gadsby
  • LaTasha Stone
  • Kenneth Glynn


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