AACF Shoe Project with Jevon Terance

The African American Community Fund (AACF) stands as a beacon of philanthropic leadership, dedicated to fostering positive change and empowerment within Lorain County and beyond. With a steadfast commitment to uplifting underserved communities, AACF champions initiatives promoting education, arts, culture, and social justice. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts with esteemed figures like fashion luminary Jevon Terance, AACF demonstrates its dedication to making a meaningful impact. Beyond the recent shoe project with the Elyria High School’s Boys Basketball Team, AACF’s philanthropic endeavors span a wide array of programs and initiatives, touching the lives of countless individuals and families. From providing essential resources to nurturing talent and ambition, AACF’s visionary leadership inspires hope and opportunity, paving the way for a brighter, more equitable future for all. Join us in celebrating AACF’s legacy of service and empowerment as we continue to make strides toward building a stronger, more vibrant community together.

“My shop is in my hometown, Lorain, Ohio, because I want to make an impact in my city.” These words reign true with his display of making time to host these sessions, giving young men an opportunity to connect to the arts in a way that they could be proud of.”

“Fashion is vibrant and has so many possibilities to uplift our communities, but often gets boxed in or stereotyped. Jevon Terance sets a fine example of dismaying those myths while he and his wife, Mia defy the odds by teaching entrepreneurship, patience, concentration, critical thinking, and having the courage to find your sense of belonging, passion, and purpose!”

Kionna McIntosh-Pharm AACF President