Welcome.  What a kind word.  The act of greeting someone or an action to greet someone in a glad, polite, or friendly way.  We have enjoyed the opportunity to welcome so many folks to the Community Foundation of Lorain County during the month of April. 

We welcomed our SHEHeroes (“SHEroes”) as part of the Women’s Fund.  We celebrated the critical work of our libraries providing network and ongoing support to women and children in our community.  Along with the Lorain Public Library we celebrated the release of the new Toni Morrison documentary, The Pieces I Am.  Please join us in celebrating your SHEro by purchasing a Mother’s Day or SHEro card through the Women’s Fund.

Over the course of a single weekend in April we celebrated events with the African American Community Fund and the Youth Fund.  With the African American Fund we enjoyed a “SPARK TANK” (think of the TV show that sounds so similar) event where three community champions were recognized for their diversity and inclusion work.  The Diversity Center received the grand prize to build, continue and extend their work with critical conversations in our communities. 

On Sunday afternoon the very next day,

Youth Fund Board

we celebrated with 22 members of our Youth Fund the extraordinary work these young philanthropists have developed over the course of the school year.  During the standing room only Open House, eight high school seniors were honored for their leadership.  Their impending graduations open up new seats in almost every school district for Lorain County youth to participate, including both public and non-public schools.  The application link can be found here.  The next session of the Youth Fund will start with “back to school” in August.  Thanks to everyone who joined us and welcomed these agencies to both events.

To continue to support all of these efforts we are welcoming the newest member of our dedicated staff, Susan Poole, Development Officer.  Susan is already engaged with donors and community partner conversations.

So that is why I say, “Welcome.”  Equally important is to assure you that you are invited to join endeavors across our community, and we are quite interested in joining your conversations. 

Happy Spring!