We All Can Make a Difference

By:  Cindy Andrews

As I share late-winter greetings, I was contemplating the ways we celebrate county progress and successes in February here in Lorain County.  One way we celebrate is to come together with our friends at Leadership Lorain and honor this year’s Difference Makers.  We celebrate both the heritage of the county, remembering visionaries from the past while recognizing current leaders and their accomplishments.  On the 22nd, over 300 people attended the Difference Makers gala celebrating those individuals and organizations that make a difference every day in Lorain County.  Congratulations to all of the attendees and award winners this year, as well as to those from years past.

Thinking about difference-makers led me to ruminate on future leaders – and scholarships.  Our March 2 deadline for scholarship applications is quickly approaching.  If you know of a high school senior or current college student who would benefit from a financial boost (and what student wouldn’t welcome that boost), please have them apply for one of our many Lorain County scholarships.  If you are a mentor, a student, a parent, grandparent, a coach, or just a concerned citizen, please remind students to apply or to complete that unfinished application.  Draft mode does not work!  Last year over $500,000 in scholarship funding was distributed to students from our county, and we celebrated with all of our students in June at the ballpark!!

Last month we began our Philanthropy journey with a local Community Foundation book.  Philanthropy: a big word for big-hearted people.  In January, the letter P for People:  Big People and Little People, all people can make a difference.  And for February the letter H for Help:  There are a lot of ways to help people.

One of those ways to Help People is through the Census.  Did you know your community has garnered support across the non-profit, social services, local government, foundation, education, and business communities to make sure all People are counted!  Ten years ago, we averaged 80% participation, but our goal, with your support, is 100%.  Join the rally in your community and support all of those organizations coming together in favor of a Complete Count.

One more way People Help People is through Second Harvest.  Join in a Harvest for Hunger Campaign or join us at the Community Foundation as we support Second Harvest and the 94 food pantries supporting Lorain County residents.  Significant People and Little People are offering to Help in their local communities.

Learn more at peoplewhocare.org.  Have a great month!