Values + Passion = Impact

Philanthropic giving has taken many forms throughout American history and has become firmly woven into the American experience. Every year millions of Americans contribute money, time, talent, and resources to causes that fit their values and interests.  History often speaks about large gifts to a particular organization. While those gifts have been impactful, there is tremendous power in a collective mission to solve a problem or improve a community—this where field of interest funds can have a real impact.  

Field of interest funds are used for a specific program area, such as education, health, the arts, environment, etc., rather than restricting money to one organization. One of the benefits is that donors can fund various organizations in a particular field that may tackle the issue from different angles and facilitate collaboration among those organizationsThese funds may offer grants for future organizations and programs that donors may not be aware of or may not exist when the fund was created.    

When you create a field of interest fund at the Community Foundation, you can focus your giving on a meaningful cause to you and your values. If you want to start small, you can always fund one of the 90+ existing field of interest funds at Community Foundation.  Examples include The Sobriety Fund, which supports the prevention and treatment of alcohol, substance abuse, and chemical dependencies in and around Lorain CountyOrganic Foods for our Youth Fund, which supports programs that provide youth with access to organic foods; and The Hope Fund, supports literacy programs and efforts to enhance independence for the blind. Our website has many interest areas you can choose from. Our staff and grantmaking committees will annually distribute grants from your fund to nonprofits doing great work in that field throughout Lorain County.  

Our Affiliate Funds (African American Community Fund, Hispanic Fund, Women’s Fund, and Youth Fund) are all field of interest funds.   Each has its history, missions, and grant cycles.  While they may be a little broader in focus than some of the other field of interest funds, they all have been doing grantmaking in our community.    

As you reflect on how you want to contribute YOUR money, time, talent, and resourcesfield of interest fund may be the perfect opportunity to have a meaningful impact on what you care about most right here in Lorain County. Let me know how I can help you connect your giving to a cause that matters to you.  

Questions about a field of interest fund?