Three Ways to Support Education

Let’s fuel our passion for education beyond the graduation season! Community Foundation of Lorain County can help you make a difference in the lives of young people by funding education. One way to accomplish this goal is to establish a scholarship fund at the community foundation. But that’s not the only way. Here are three ideas to consider as you explore ways to make an impact through education. 

Establish a Field-of-Interest Fund to support specific aspects of education.

Through a Field-of-Interest Fund at the community foundation, you can establish grant-making parameters according to your wishes. Our generous donors have supported a diverse array of local organizations that provide students with courses, tutoring, mentorship, and social services, ranging from grassroots non-profits to well-established trade schools and higher education institutions. By establishing a Field-of-Interest Fund, you’re not just making a financial contribution; you’re making a significant impact on the community. This fund harnesses the community foundation’s expertise and research by delegating grant-making decisions to the community foundation team. This ensures that your generous contribution achieves the maximum positive impact.

Support or establish a school endowment fund.

We are humbled and honored to have been the first Community Foundation in the United States to establish School Endowment Funds. These funds are not just a one-time donation, but a wise investment that provides sustained financial support, year after year to nearly every school district in Lorain County. School Endowment Funds can help fill financial gaps by providing steady and sustainable monetary support regardless of current economic conditions. Schools access additional dollars to support programs that directly benefit students. Programs such as artists-in-residence, field trips, camping trips, and scholarships are all provided through School Endowment Funds.

Seek the advice of the community foundation for your donor-advised fund grant-making.

If you have established a donor-advised fund (DAF) at the community foundation or through another DAF sponsor, you’ve likely used it over the years to support your alma mater and perhaps other educational institutions. Our team, with their unique position and expertise, is always ready to help you explore innovative and expansive approaches to education, regardless of where your DAF is held. Community Foundation of Lorain County can also help you identify local non-profits that support teachers, classrooms, and school districts, all of which need resources to deliver the best possible education to students. 

Are you excited to make a difference? We look forward to helping you support education as a major area of charitable interest! Feel free to connect with Laura Malone, Development Officer. And if there’s a graduation in your family this year, congratulations!