Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Match My Donation  

As we end February, a month commonly associated with love and giving, it’s worth reflecting on the power of matching donations. In the spirit of Bambi’s woodland creatures finding their perfect match in the spring, why not consider a different kind of matchmaking: matching donations. 

Did you know that over 26M people work for companies with matching gift programs, yet an estimated $4B – $7B in matching gift funds goes unclaimed annually? It’s clear that there is a significant opportunity to maximize the impact of donations through corporate gift matching. Employers can multiply a donor’s contribution and significantly increase the impact of their giving. In fact, since 2016, Community Foundation has matched over $45K in charitable gifts made by our employees. 

Moreover, matching donations have been shown to increase engagement and inspire greater giving. 84% of donors say they’re more likely to give if their employer offers a match, with 1 in 3 contributing a more significant gift if matching is applied to their donation. By seeing the potential impact of their gift, donors are often motivated to give more generously. 

To take advantage of corporate gift matching, employees can check with their human resources team to see if their company offers this program. Some companies have a preferred list of charities they partner with, while others match gifts to any charity an employee may support, with matches often having an annual limit. If the employer offers this program, there may be a form or online feature that the donor can use to submit proof of their charitable contribution for the employer to match. 

Let us help you increase your impact in the Lorain County community. By taking advantage of corporate gift matching, your donations can go further and make an even greater difference.