So much gratitude!

We are thinking about things we are grateful for…

With Thanksgiving approaching rapidly, it is a wonderful time to appreciate all of our blessings.  I want to share a few things for which I am grateful…

Among the more obvious of these blessings for which I am grateful is our Community Foundation and our role supporting our community.  How rewarding it is to be working here with our Board, our staff, and our community donors and volunteers.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with and for an organization so committed to supporting our community.

Speaking for the Community Foundation, we as an organization have so much for which to be grateful.  The Foundation is grateful that Lorain County is full of people like you, who express their gratitude through action.  Who donate a portion of each paycheck to ensure a permanent future for their community school.  Or neighbors who just check on each other.  And friends who take home a shelter dog as a new member of the family.  

In expressing this gratitude, I want the focus to be on you, our community members.  As I recount our abundance of reasons to be grateful, I am profoundly optimistic about the work that we, across our communities, are doing and will do to make our partnership stronger than ever.  Last evening, we had the pleasure of celebrating philanthropy with our African American Community Fund members.  And a special thanks to the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center for the Daniel D. Dauby award.  This award is given to donors who have made a positive impact on hearing, speech and deafness and demonstrated long-term involvement in and financial support.  You make our communities stronger.  We are grateful to be among such strong supporters in our community.

Thanks again to all the donors, partners, volunteers, and other stakeholders for all you do.  You are truly making a difference as we work to connect people who care with causes that matter.   Best wishes for a safe and happy Thanksgiving!