Road to Sobriety

Here in Lorain County, the Community Foundation understands the heartbreaking and intersectional needs of addiction treatment.

Next month we look ahead to the Spring equinox (March 20), National Read Across America Day on the birthday of Dr. Seuss (March 2), Caregiver Appreciation Day (March 3), International Women’s Day (March 8), Pi Day (March 14), Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17), March Madness, etc. There will be much to look forward to as the days warm up and opportunities for celebrations unfold. But for about 21M Americans, Saint Patrick’s Day and March Madness are tip-offs to tip-up.

Researchers have long known that alcohol consumption and binge drinking rise with these long-standing traditions, but addiction is a medical problem, and it continues to be highly stigmatized. Coupled with the ongoing stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and the American Psychological Association report that 13% of Americans have started or increased drug and alcohol use as a way of coping with emotions related to Covid-19. The American Medical Association reported in December that 40 states have seen increases in opioid-related mortality. According to the Recovery Centers of America, drug and alcohol abuse costs $1.45T in economic loss, healthcare, social services, criminal justice, and public assistance each year.

Here in Lorain County, the Community Foundation understands the heartbreaking and intersectional needs of addiction treatment, so we support several organizations providing a continuum of services including information and referral, assessment for adolescents and adults, counseling, peer support, intensive outpatient therapy, residential treatment, telehealth, and sober housing.

To find help, here are some organizations to call:

  • Let’s Get Real provides peer support and connections to treatment. Call 440.963.7042.
  • Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services or The LCADA Way offers a Helpline for adolescents and adults, and there is a list of warning signs of addiction on its website. LCADA offers counseling for addiction and gambling, support groups, mental health services, telehealth, treatment, and residential services for women. The 24-hour hotline is 440.989.4900.
  • Project Dawn prevents opioid overdose deaths using Narcan. To receive a free Narcan rescue kit, contact Lorain County Public Health at 440.322.6367.
  • Road to Hope provides sober housing for men and women. Call 440.309.4284.

For a comprehensive list of addiction and recovery services, go to the website for the Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Services of Lorain County at or call 1.800.888.6161.

We thank our many donors for funding the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including the Andrew and Patricia Bazar Fund, Bill Starbuck Fund, Billy and Fay Rowland Fund, Cy Pres Fund, Drs. Russell Berkebile and Associates Community Fund, Cindy and Evan Nord Fund, Dale Yost Family Fund, Jane and Eric Nord Fund, Jim and Carla Park Fund, Lakeland Community Foundation Fund, Leo Weingarten Fund, Louise and Rudy Jakmas Charitable Fund, LifeShare Legacy Fund, North Ohio Heart Center Fund, Robert Bass Fund, Robert Pustay Fund, Ruth and Ted Jacobs Fund, Rotarian Gerald Prucha Memorial Fund, Schaeffer Family Fund, Sprenger Health Care Systems Endowment Fund, and the Sobriety Fund.

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