Our Mission

 There is no better time of year and no better place to be than in Lorain County in the fall.  Our surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous this time of year.  It’s almost magical being out among the colors and enjoying the harvest bounty of apple orchards in our little corner of paradise.

In previous months I have noted that here at your Community Foundation we are looking forward to celebrating 40 years in Lorain County next year.  As part of our preparation for that milestone and looking beyond to many more years, we have been working through a strategic planning process.  That plan has been the beneficiary of your perspectives, your insights, your stories, your vision, and input from all across the county.  

For that partnership, I am writing to express my deep appreciation and admiration. Thanks to so many of you for sharing with us.  Our staff and board have listened intently to those in our community – citizens, leaders, other non-profits, businesses, clubs and organizations.  We listened and prioritized our planning efforts based on your community feedback.  And our Board is pleased to announce that the plan is now launched and underway.  You will see evidence and outcomes of this plan highlighted both in future newsletters and columns, and in upcoming activities.

While new things are always exciting and “shiny,” some great news is that our fundamental mission hasn’t changed…Connecting People Who Care with Causes that Matter.  We are dedicated to that mission every day, serving community members across all of Lorain County.

Like every good plan, it is a living, breathing document.  Thanks to our Board of Directors, we have purposely added evaluation and scorecard components to the plan.  We look forward to your continued feedback and support as we get ready for 2020!  Enjoy the season.