New Year, New Impact with Scholarships

While we are recovering from a snowy weekend, made longer by recent snow days, graduation season will be here before we know it, and students will receive scholarships for continuing their education beyond high school.  Scholarships align with the Community Foundation’s mission: connecting people who care with causes that matter. As part of our support for education, we administer scholarship funds established by individuals and organizations. Scholarships are awarded based on varying criteria related to academic interest, scholastic achievement, financial requirements, and active community participation.

Scholarships are crucial catalysts in empowering students to attain their educational ambitions. They provide an opportunity for students and other adults to expand their education and become better contributing members of the community. Our scholarship application process is open now through March 2nd and there are a wide array of opportunities for those upcoming high school graduates. There are also opportunities for those “non-traditional” students who may be going to school many years after they originally graduated from high school.   Here are glimpses into the diverse funding possibilities available through our universal application process.

  • The William and Betty Lute Scholarship Fund is one such scholarship that supports graduates from Lorain City Schools or Avon Lake City Schools pursuing a degree in education. The scholarship offers $5K awards that are renewable for three years.
  • The Teressa J. Nemeth Scholarship Fund assists a Lorain County resident or graduate from a Lorain County secondary school who has completed at least their first year of post-secondary education. Preference is given to active volunteerism or accumulated work experience. The scholarship offers a non-renewable award of $2K.
  • The Myron & Elinor Kolbe Agricultural Scholarship Fund and Myron & Elinor A. Kolbe Scholarship Fund both offer renewable $2K and $4K scholarships for Lorain County students preparing for a career in agriculture, including animal science and veterinary medicine.
  • The Sharpnack Family Memorial Scholarship Fund supports current and past Vermilion or Lorain County High School graduates pursuing a degree in business, entrepreneurship, engineering, or trades. Preference is given to the automotive field of study, military veterans, and community involvement. The
  • The Chronicle-Telegram Scholarship Fund offers a $1K award to a Lorain County resident pursuing a degree in journalism, communications or other related undergraduate degree.

These scholarships and many others are a testament to the donors who have helped fuel the Community Foundation of Lorain County’s commitment to supporting local students and their academic pursuits. These donors have been instrumental in providing financial assistance to students who might not otherwise be able to afford higher education. By doing so, they help to create a more educated and prosperous community. If you’re inspired to contribute to one of our existing scholarships as a way to create more transformative opportunities or create a new scholarship in someone’s honor, we’d love to hear from you.