Meet Our Intern, Emily

Emily 2

I recently graduated from Kent State University with a degree in communications and public relations.  When I originally heard about the opportunity to intern for Community Foundation, it sounded like a great way for me to grow and develop new skills and personal experience.

Now, finishing up my final weeks with them, it has exceeded all my expectations. I was able to be involved in planning, scheduling, organizing, and even taking the lead in a committee meeting to decide the winner for the Jim Doughman Community Service Award.  Within this short period of time, I have also been able to take part in event planning management.  One event was the Annual Meeting and Scholarship Night at Sprenger Stadium, where 400 people were in attendance, along with 54 scholarship recipients and their families.  The Legacy Luncheon was also an event I had the opportunity to be a part of and meet the many legacy donors involved in Community Foundation.

I was able to work in Communications and Public Relations, having the opportunity to assist in the development and finalization of the Community Foundation’s strategic plan.  Taking part in the development of a strategic plan, I have been able to see what all goes into it, as well as use the skills I have learned in college.  I also had the opportunity to design and develop a scholarship handbook, as well as create content to post weekly on multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Having had the chance to be involved in these great opportunities, my skills and experience have grown significantly.  I have worked with the behind-the-scenes details for event planning, been involved in the development of a strategic plan, learned new software such as the CRM system, and worked with new design software such as Illustrator.

While working at Community Foundation, not only have I developed my personal skills, but I have also had the chance to learn more about all the great things they do for Lorain County and how dedicated they are to their mission, connecting people who care with causes that matter.  I have gained a sense of community from all the factors that go into Lorain county, and all that it offers.  There are many individuals who are dedicating their time and effort to be involved in the community to help solve problems, lead solutions, and offer their support. Community Foundation has shown me multiple perspectives on community, unity, and the great work that is here in Lorain County.