Press Kit

Community Foundation of Lorain County in the Media

Community Foundation of Lorain County is a resource for media and others seeking information about philanthropy, including grantmaking, scholarships, individuals, and other kinds of organizations that support non-profits with financial and human capital.

Evergreen Statement: Community Foundation of Lorain County is a public foundation established in 1980 with income from endowment funds contributed by individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. The Community Foundation is an open and inclusive anchor institution that works to improve the quality of life for those living and working in Lorain County, Ohio. It responds to the changing needs of the community by making grants to local non-profit organizations and giving scholarships to help local students.  In 2020, the Community Foundation of Lorain County received more than $6.1M in gifts, distributed approximately $6.2M in grants and scholarships, and ended the year with assets of $150M.

Mission Statement: Connecting people who care with causes that matter.

Vision Statement: Lorain County is a thriving community through giving.  

Community Foundation Logo

Because the logo incorporates text, it must be printed large enough to be readable.  The “Lorain County” text in the logo must be legible in all uses and determines minimum size.  Use size of a business card as a guide. 

Using “The”

In-text, the formal name is: Community Foundation of Lorain County.  It does not have “the” as a formal part of its name and should not be capitalized if used before the name.   

No: “The mission of The Community Foundation of Lorain County is to…” 

Yes: “The mission of Community Foundation of Lorain County is to…” 

Yes: “Community Foundation of Lorain County is supporting the work of…” 

When referred to hereafter, or spoken informally, the name may be shortened to: “Community Foundation”.  If the name is used in a sentence and it is awkward not to have “the” included before its reference, Community Foundation may be used.  

For all external communication, always include the logo of the Affiliate Fund and this language: “An Affiliate Fund of Community Foundation of Lorain County.” These two elements must always be together.  And if there is room on the document, it is preferred that the Community Foundation logo be included. 

No: AACF Yes: African American Community Fund
No: HF Yes: Hispanic Fund
No: WF Yes: Women’s Fund
No: YF Yes: Youth Fund