Happy New Year and Welcome to Winter!

By:  Cindy Andrews

 Thanks to the generosity of our community, we are starting 2020 off strong and celebrating with you our 40th anniversary at the Community Foundation of Lorain County.  Thanks to you we ended the year distributing $6.2M in grants and scholarships to Lorain County.  With your help, we plan to do even more, both through our Seasons of Giving initiative and our Power of Endowment Campaign.  We hope you can join us tomorrow (Friday, January 24th) beginning at 8:30 am at Lorain County Community College.

We wish to extend a special thanks to everyone who gave to our year end campaigns through school endowments, donor advised funds, scholarships, field of interest funds, or agency funds.  You are among the folks that we will be working with in our Power of Endowment.  

As your Community Foundation, we are so grateful for your support of our community.  We hope that you will join us for many of the events that will acknowledge our 40th Anniversary.  We are eager to learn your thoughts, evoke your memories and gather your feedback – please share with us how the Community Foundation has impacted you over the last 40 years.  What are you most excited about as we learn more about Philanthropy in the coming months?  

Philanthropy image

One resource we are introducing this month is the Philanthropy Book.  It is a children’s book called Philanthropy a big word for big-hearted people. In each month there is a letter that we will champion – this month is P for People: Big People and Little People All People Can Make a Difference.

We look forward to seeing you soon and partnering to make a difference in our community, connecting people who care with causes that matter.  At the Community Foundation of Lorain County that is what we do. Join us at peoplewhocare.org.