Happy Endowment Fund Anniversary

Let’s celebrate the June endowment funds that have made a remarkable impact on our community! Thanks to our collective efforts, we’ve reached significant milestones, fostering stronger community bonds.

Together, we create meaningful change. By supporting a wide range of causes—from education and scholarships to healthcare, arts, and environmental initiatives—we are building a brighter future. Each fund acts as a catalyst, driving change and instilling hope in our shared journey.

Funds Celebrating May Anniversary

Deferred Legacy

Albert J. and Carol C. Gonas Fund6/2/2008
Jean A. Fischer Fund6/6/2008
Robert and Melinda Feiklowicz Fund6/26/2000
Robert and Melinda Feiklowicz Scholarship Fund6/26/2000

Agency Funds

City Fresh Endowment Fund6/7/2022
Elyria Arts Council Endowment Fund6/1/2021
Elyria Public Library Foundation Fund6/23/2010
Gerald L. Prucha Fund for Lorain County Metro Parks6/19/2008
Girl Scouts of Erie Shores Endowment Fund6/18/2007
Henry Johnson Center Endowment Fund6/29/2023
LGBTQ+ Lorain County  Endowment Fund 6/4/2024
Lorain County Free Clinic Endowment Fund6/14/2002
Lorain County Health and Dentistry6/20/2006
P.A.C.E. Foundation Endowment Fund6/1/2022
Western Reserve Land Conservancy Endowment Fund for Lorain County6/25/2020

Field of Interest Funds

Benjamin F. Newman Memorial Fund6/11/1996
Carole T. and John Dandrea Fund6/21/2010
Dr. Howard A. and Pearl L. Keiser Living Memorial Fund6/12/2006
Frank Jacinto Fund6/23/1995
Greater Wellington Area Public Health Fund6/9/1997
Larry and Barbara Jones Fund6/8/1996
Memorial Fund from Curtis C. Spence & Jesse M. Spence6/10/1984

Scholarship Funds

Clearview Schools Endowment Fund6/20/1988
Clearview Schools Fine Arts Endowment Fund 6/18/1998
Educational Service Center Endowment Fund6/21/1991
Elyria Schools – Class of 1978 Scholarship Fund6/2/2022
Elyria Schools Dr. Mark R. Sutter Memorial Scholarship Fund6/11/2013
Firelands Schools – Cameron Greene Scholarship6/2/2005
Midview Schools Fine Arts Endowment Fund 6/17/1998
North Ridgeville City Schools Shannon Edwards Memorial Fund 6/13/2001
Oberlin Schools – Mike Gilbert Memorial Fund for History and Marching Band 6/20/2017
Frank Kern Scholarship Fund6/30/1994
Fred C. Dusendon Scholarship Fund6/30/1994
David Dorinski Memorial Scholarship Fund6/5/2014
Krieg-Winterton Family Medical Scholarship Fund6/29/2007
Teressa J. Nemeth Scholarship Fund6/7/2022
Walter and Virginia Nord Scholarship Fund6/30/1983

Community Responsive Funds

Al Hillegass Fund 6/21/2007
Bill Starbuck Fund 6/21/2007
Billy S. Rowland Fund 6/21/2007
Charles and Wanda E. Kappley Fund6/22/1995
Dick Colella Fund 6/21/2007
John and Clara Corogin Fund 6/15/1989
Leo Weingarten Fund 6/21/2007
Maria and Ruben Escuro Family Fund6/22/2004
Papenbrock Family Fund6/20/2007
Stanley G. Pijor Fund 6/21/2007
Ted Jacobs Fund 6/10/2015
Virginia Novak Fund6/15/2009

Designated Funds

Beth K. Stocker Fund for Girl Scouts of Erie Shores6/23/2008
Beth K. Stocker Fund for Lorain County Free Clinic6/2/2008
John M. and Jane N. Ferguson Agricultural Fund6/26/2008
Krieg-Winterton Family Fund for Lorain Public Library System6/29/2007
Oberlin Heritage Center/O.H.I.O. Executive Director Fund6/30/2000
Thomas M. and Louise Tschanen Bowman Memorial Fund6/2/2006

Donor Advised Funds

Andrea J. Torres Memorial Endowment Fund6/29/2012
Loretta Carek Lehocz Memorial Fund6/17/2021
North Ohio Heart Center Fund6/28/1991
Ray L. and Mary K. Miraldi Fund6/6/1993
Jim Doughman Community Service Award Fund6/17/1998
The Lorain County Law Library Association Fund6/26/2009