Happy Endowment Fund Anniversary

Let’s give a cheer for the May Endowment Funds Anniversary that have positively impacted our community! It’s because of our combined efforts that we’ve hit such wonderful milestones, tightening our community ties.

When our community comes together, we make a difference. By supporting diverse causes, from education and scholarships to healthcare, arts, and environmental initiatives, we are collectively shaping a brighter tomorrow. Each fund is a spark, igniting change and bringing hope to our shared journey.

Funds Celebrating May Anniversary

Deferred Legacy

George H. Roling Fund 5/12/1994

James R. Gailey Fund 5/24/2011

Field of Interest Funds

Dick and Nan Ninde Fund 5/24/2002

Emil C. Danenberg Alzheimer’s Fund 5/27/2008

Emil C. Danenberg Cancer Fund 5/27/2008

Julius W. Zajac Fund 5/4/1995

Marvin and Dorothy Anderson Fund 5/30/1996

Nelson & Georgia Bour Family Fund 5/31/2001

Project Joy Endowment Fund 5/1/1987

Scholarship Funds

Johns-Ruger Scholarship 5/25/2012

African American Scholarship Fund 5/14/2003

Bob L. Peterson Scholarship Fund 5/24/1994

Hispanic-Latino Scholarship Fund 5/1/2007

Independent Insurance Agents of Lorain County Scholarship Fund 5/18/1995

Myron & Elinor Kolbe Agricultural Scholarship Fund 5/9/1996

Richard and Shirley Williams Scholarship Fund 5/21/2020

Community Responsive Funds

Blessing House Endowment Fund  5/12/2010

BOFE Lupus Foundation Endowment Fund 5/11/2021

DeLorne B. Diedrich Fund for Lorain County Metro Parks  5/12/2014

Endowment for the Foundation of the Lorain Public Library System, Inc  5/20/2008

Family Planning Services of Lorain County Endowment Fund  5/23/2023

FireFish Arts, Inc, Endowment Fund  5/31/2023

Gathering Hope House Endowment Fund  5/30/2023

Hearts of Patriots Endowment Fund  5/23/2022

Jones Chapel A.M.E. Church Endowment Fund  5/9/2024

Let’s Get Real Endowment Fund  5/15/2023

Lorain County Imagination Library Endowment Fund 5/11/2022

Lorain County Metro Parks Special Needs Access Fund  5/12/2014

Lorain County Section, National Council of Negro Women Endowment Fund  5/25/2023

Main Street Wellington Endowment Fund  5/5/2006

Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra (NOYO) Endowment Fund  5/3/2022

North Ridgeville Community Care Endowment Fund  5/18/2021

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee of Lorain County Fund  5/25/2011

Wesleyan Senior Living Foundation Endowment Fund  5/4/2021

Designated Funds

Beth K. Stocker Fund for The Foundation of the Lorain Public Library System, Inc. 5/20/2008

Brownhelm UCC Fund 5/18/2015

Dr. Ibrahim and Mufide Eren Fund for the Miller Preserve 5/25/2007

Elyria Woman’s Club Fund for Monteith Hall 5/14/2014

Jerry Jankowski Legacy Fund 5/25/2017

Patricia Lindley Center for the Performing Arts – Maintenance Fund 5/14/2013

School Funds

Educational Service Center Fine Arts Endowment Fund 4/20/1998

Firelands Schools John W. Hostetler Scholarship Fund 4/30/2008

Harry & Gladys Gang Memorial Fund 4/18/2001

Keystone Schools -Logan Stiner Scholarship 4/13/2016

Lorain City Schools Fund for Enhancing Fine Arts 4/22/1998

Midview Schools Academics Endowment Fund 4/24/2003

Midview Schools Athletic Endowment Fund 4/24/2003

Midview Schools Scholarship Endowment Fund 4/24/2003

Wellington Schools-Helen L. and Harry Wagner Fund 4/18/2003

Donor Advised Funds

Kenneth L. Cherney Donor Advised Fund 5/2/2024

Modern Poured Walls Community Fund 5/16/2001

Sprenger Health Care Systems Endowment Fund 5/24/2006