Happy Endowment Fund Anniversary

As we mark the anniversary of our endowment funds in April, we express heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has contributed to driving positive change. This month, we take time to reflect on the substantial impact and notable achievements of these funds, which have truly transformed our community.

Funds Celebrating a March Anniversary

Deferred Legacy

Alfred and Beth DiVencenzo Fund 4/27/2023

Kenneth L. Cherney Endowment Fund 4/13/2023

Field of Interest Funds

Anna E. Martin Fund for Women 4/21/2006

David Love Memorial Fund 4/1/2002

Dick and Betty Bergman Fund 4/5/1994

Elena Nuñez Fund 4/1/1999

Organic Foods for Youth Fund 4/17/2017

Paul and Anner Ruth Brown Legacy Fund 4/23/2013

The Sobriety Fund 4/21/2011

Willie Sr., Willie Jr., Rayce, Maurice and Willa Jones Memorial Fund 4/15/2002

Scholarship Funds

Chronicle-Telegram Scholarship Fund 4/11/1983

Stuller Family Math & Science Scholarship 4/24/2009

The Norton Family Foundation Scholarship Fund 4/4/2001

William and Betty Lute Scholarship Fund 4/1/2020

Community Responsive Funds

Brian R. Frederick Endowment Fund  4/6/2015

Cheryl L. McKenna Fund  4/22/2015

Hassler Family Fund 4/30/2002

Mercedes Campana Memorial Fund 4/30/2015

Ridge Tool Company Fund 4/6/1989

Vincent and Laurene Young Fund 4/1/2016

Organization Funds

Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center Fund 4/3/2009

Community Congregational United Church of Christ Endowment Fund 4/28/1997

Genesis House Endowment Fund 4/13/2021

Lorain Palace Civic Center Endowment Fund 4/9/1981

Lorain YWCA Endowment Fund 4/5/1989

Mary Lee Tucker Clothe-A-Child Endowment Fund 4/8/2021

Mighty Goliath Productions Endowment Fund 4/1/2016

Oberlin Early Childhood Center Endowment Fund 4/29/1981

Oberlin Heritage Center/O.H.I.O. History Education Fund 4/29/2014

St. Frances Cabrini Endowment Fund 4/6/1992

YWCA of Elyria Endowment Fund 4/8/1987

Designated Funds

Anna E. Martin Fund for Elyria YWCA 4/21/2006

Anna E. Martin Fund for Lorain YWCA 4/21/2006

Echoing Hills Village Foundation Fund 4/16/2003

Frank Stuller Fund 4/24/2009

John D. Baum Memorial Scholarship Fund 4/13/1999

John F. Smith Memorial Fund No. 2 4/22/2005

John F. Smith Memorial Fund No. 3 4/7/2009

Lorain County Alzheimer’s Memorial Fund for the Alzheimer’s Association, Cleveland Area Chapter 4/25/1997

Martin Schieferstein Fund for LCCC General RN Scholarship 4/15/2011

School Funds

Educational Service Center Fine Arts Endowment Fund 4/20/1998

Firelands Schools John W. Hostetler Scholarship Fund 4/30/2008

Harry & Gladys Gang Memorial Fund 4/18/2001

Keystone Schools -Logan Stiner Scholarship 4/13/2016

Lorain City Schools Fund for Enhancing Fine Arts 4/22/1998

Midview Schools Academics Endowment Fund 4/24/2003

Midview Schools Athletic Endowment Fund 4/24/2003

Midview Schools Scholarship Endowment Fund 4/24/2003

Wellington Schools-Helen L. and Harry Wagner Fund 4/18/2003

Donor Advised Funds

The Smitty Fund 4/15/2005

AmBari Community Fund 4/13/2022