Happy Endowment Fund Anniversary

As we commemorate the anniversary of our endowment funds in March, we extend sincere gratitude to all who have played a vital part in driving positive change. Throughout this month, we reflect on these funds’ significant impact and achievements, which have made a profound difference in our community.

Funds Celebrating a March Anniversary

Deferred Legacy

Golinski Rugby Warrior Legacy Fund 3/9/2021

Field of Interest Funds

Margaret B. Hudak Memorial Fund 3/2/2007

Northeastern Professional Family Services Fund for Children 3/24/2010

Special Needs Children’s Fund 3/1/2016

The Hope Fund 3/19/2002

Scholarship Funds

Owen-Stiglin Scholarship Fund 3/13/2012

Julia Victoria Romero Scholarship Fund 3/6/2006

Community Responsive Funds

100 Women Who Care About Lorain County Fund 3/20/2019

Chemical Bank Fund 3/12/1991

Chronicle-Telegram Endowment Fund 3/20/1992

Ford MacArthur Endowment Fund 3/14/1994

Jenee’ Campana Fund 3/9/2014

Patsie C. Campana, Sr. Fund 3/9/2014

Organization Funds

A Dementia Friendly Life Endowment Fund 3/29/2021

Amherst Historical Society Fund 3/3/1993

CFLC Facility Endowment 3/24/2010

Community of Faith UCC Endowment Fund 3/18/2008

Good Knights of Lorain County Endowment Fund Fund 3/29/2022

Great Lakes Historical Society Endowment Fund 3/17/2005

Lorain Community Music Theatre Fund 3/3/1993

Lorain County Family YMCA Endowment Fund 3/17/1999

New Union Center for the Arts Fund 3/30/1995

Oberlin Business Partnership Endowment Fund 3/18/2021

Pittsfield Community Church Endowment Fund 3/23/2010

Ritter Public Library Endowment Fund 3/11/1999

Ruby N. Jones Community Scholarship Fund Endowment Fund Fund 3/30/2021

Sandstone Summer Theatre Endowment Fund 3/20/2023

Save Our Children Endowment Fund 3/30/2021

Designated Funds

Andrew and Phyllis W. Allan Fund for the Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System 3/7/2017

Ivan (Skip) Johnson Fund for Lorain County Historical Society 3/22/2011

Matthew and Christine (Tender) Harrington Endowment Fund 3/22/2022

Roy A. Church Fund 3/17/2016

School Funds

Clearview Schools Taylor Pruchnicki Memorial Scholarship Fund 3/30/2007

Firelands Schools-Milad and Fanny Abraham Endowment Fund 3/30/2007

Mayo Wood-Wellington Enterprise Fund 3/6/2006

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools Cardinal Athletic Booster Club Scholarship Fund3/16/2001

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools Eileen Hildebrand Memorial Scholarship Fund 3/16/2001

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools Fran Dougherty-Wilhelm Memorial Scholarship Fund 3/16/2001

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools Kiwanis Scholarship Fund 3/16/2001

Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Schools Lu Hyde Scholarship Fund 3/16/2001

Donor Advised Funds

Erica Jackson Fund 3/16/2017

Laskowski Family Fund 3/13/2015

Southview Legacy 1981 Fund 3/10/2014

The Tim Wallace Music Fund 3/20/2015

Fred and Mary Behm Fund 3/9/2000

Goodman Family Fund 3/30/1990