Happy Endowment Fund Anniversary

As we celebrate the anniversary of our endowment funds, we extend heartfelt gratitude to each contributor for their instrumental role in creating positive change. Throughout the year, we’ll commemorate the impact and success of these funds that have made a meaningful difference in our community. Here’s to the past, present, and future of our thriving community, with anticipation for many more years of impactful collaboration.

Funds Celebrating a February Anniversary

Field of Interest Funds

African American Community Fund 2/7/1989
Beth K. Stocker Fund 2/1/2008
Bluecoats of Lorain County Fund 2/23/1982
Harold Glenn Johnson Fund 2/7/2005
Louise and Rudy Jakmas Charitable Fund 2/15/2007
Oscar H. Steiner Memorial Fund 2/13/1989

Scholarship Funds

Albert J. Wacker Scholarship Fund 2/7/2005
David and Marie Snavely Scholarship Fund 2/15/2022
Dr. Robert and Eleanor Stevenson Family Scholarship Fund 2/26/2010
Lafayette N. & Sally Peoples Family Fund 2/4/1999
Lorain Youth Center Scholarship Fund 2/22/1989
Matthew J. Moro Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund 2/1/2023
Sharpnack Family Memorial Scholarship Fund 2/24/2021

Community Responsive Funds

Alfred T. Askew Fund 2/27/1998
Allen H. Bechtel and Mildred Smith Bechtel Fund 2/29/2012
John W. Hostetler Fund 2/27/2008
Louis and Leota Bettcher Fund 2/11/2021

Organization Funds

Avon/Avon Lake Community Resource Services Endowment Fund – Consolidated 2/13/2013
Charles W. Tripphahn Fund – Consolidated 2/27/2009
Endowment Fund for Boys and Girls Clubs of Lorain County – Consolidated 2/9/2006
Herrick Memorial Library Endowment Fund – Consolidated 2/10/1998
SS Peter and Paul Orthodox Church Endowment Fund – Consolidated 2/28/2000
Trinity Lutheran Church of Vermilion, Ohio Mission Fund – Consolidated 2/17/1998
Trinity Lutheran Church of Vermilion, Ohio Outreach Fund – Consolidated 2/17/1998

Designated Funds

Beth K. Stocker Fund for First Congregational UCC, Lorain 2/1/2008
Beth K. Stocker Fund for Junior Achievement of Lorain County 2/11/2008
Beth K. Stocker Fund for Lorain City Schools 2/11/2008
Beth K. Stocker Fund for Lorain Palace Civic Center 2/1/2008
Beth K. Stocker Scholarship for Lorain City Schools 2/11/2008

School Funds

Clearview Schools – Marge Surak Memorial Fund for Teachers – Consolidated 2/28/2017
Lorain City Schools Staff Recognition and Retention Fund – Consolidated Fund 2/21/2024
Petrillo Family Fund – Consolidated 2/15/2007
Wellington Alumni Fund – Consolidated 2/20/2002
Wellington Schools – Dorrell and Hazel Pitts Family Educational Fund – Consolidated 2/26/2019
Wellington Schools – Edward Weidman Scholarship Fund – Consolidated 2/13/2024
Wellington Schools Michael and Molly Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund – Consolidated 2/12/2010

Donor Advised Funds

Frederick P. Slanina Fund for Development of Mental Health Professionals 2/12/1997
Peg and Bill Blissman Fund for Literacy 2/25/2015