Even the Smallest Gift Means so Much!

Last week our community of people who care about causes that matter joined forces to support 74 non-profit organizations during our third annual Connect to a Cause event. We are grateful to those donors on behalf of all the fantastic non-profits that participated in this successful crowdfunding day.   

While Connect to a Cause was just 12 hours, a portion of the funds raised will continue to support these organizations through the power of endowment. Endowments are able to grow donations as investments and provide additional income to the mission of the non-profit.  An endowment fund, no matter the size of the organization or the amount of money, can provide financial security to those organizations taking on new challenges and seizing new opportunities as they arise. Endowments announce to donors that the organization will be here fulfilling its mission for decades to come.   

Each of the 74 participating organizations committed at least 25% of their funds raised to go to their endowment as “forever funding” to help their organization. Some organizations committed that everything contributed that day would go to their endowment.     

Even the smallest gifts donated during Connect to a Cause provided BOTH immediate discretionary impact and will be part of a longer legacy that supports each non-profit on an annual basis here at Community Foundation of Lorain County. Imagine a donor who was only able to donate $5 to a non-profit on Connect to a Cause Day. Because of the endowments, at least 25% of that gift ($1.25) will continue to support their favorite cause every year, FOREVER.  

Even though Connect to a Cause is over, it is not too late to support these organizations with a gift directly to their endowment at Community Foundation. If you want to create more continuous support, you can set up an easy monthly or quarterly recurring donation directly from your credit card or bank accounts.   I am happy to assist you with giving to an endowment or any other giving strategies you would like to discuss.  

Thank you again to our amazing community who supported Connect to a Cause.  Your passion for causes that matter helps us cultivate a culture of philanthropy in Lorain County. Donors like YOU help benefit our local organizations today, tomorrow, and forever.