Connect to a Cause Update #1

Lorain County Non-profits to Participate in 12-hour Crowdfunding Event 

Elyria, Ohio-August 7, 2020 

The Community Foundation of Lorain County will host Connect to a Cause, a coordinated, 12-hour fundraising event, on September 17, 2020, to rally the community to support nearly 50 area non-profit organizations serving Lorain County.  

“Non-profit organizations are critical to our community during the best of times. At this time, when so many people are struggling, our local non-profits are more important than ever to help fill the gaps,” said Cynthia H. Andrews, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Lorain County. “Whether it is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, meeting emergency needs or addressing social issues, our vital organizations are trying to meet the increased demand for their services. They need our support,” she added.   

Direct Donations with a Bonus 

Connect to a Cause enables us to donate directly to the local charities of your choice. Participating organizations will be featured in an online “catalog” that residents can “shop” to select those to support. This event that recognizes the Community Foundation of Lorain County’s 40th anniversary features a bonus: Community Foundation Board of Directors committed an additional $40,000 to be distributed among the participating organizations.   

Between 8 am and 8 pm on Thursday, September 17, please join us via the Community Foundation website at The donations will go directly to the selected charity, and each dollar raised will count toward the organization’s proportional share of the Community Foundation Board’s $40,000 contribution. Participating non-profits represent arts and culture, education and youth development, community development, emergency needs, health and human services, social justice, and more.  

“Save Our Children of Elyria is excited to participate in Connect to a Cause because of the strong support we continue to receive from our community and surrounding areas,” says Darla M. Character-Johnson, Executive Director of Save Our Children. “The commitment we share for the betterment of our families results in rewarding and positive partnerships. Any donations received will support direct services for students in grades K-12. Save Our Children incorporates full circle academic assistance, wraparound health, and wellness programming while promoting leadership, mentorship, and creating hearts of service.”   

Building on a History of Trust 

“Forty years ago, the Community Foundation was founded on a fundamental belief in the power of community and the generosity and vision of community residents to support each other.” Andrews noted, adding “throughout our history, we have learned the importance of responding to meet changing needs. Connect to a Cause is a way we can serve the people of Lorain County to help ensure our community continues to be a great place to live and work today and in the future.” 

For more information or to contribute, please visit or call 440.984.7390 

# # # 

In 2019, the Community Foundation of Lorain County received more than $2.3M in gifts and distributed approximately $6.2M in grants and scholarships. It ended the year with assets of $145M. To get more information about grants, scholarships, or updates about the Community Foundation, visit our website,