Aligning Investment Strategy with Commitment to DIE

Incorporating the lens of diversity, inclusion, and equity in everything we do.

During Philanthropy Forward 2021 the Community Foundation of Lorain County (“Community Foundation”) announced a unique partnership with Paradigm Institutional Investments (“Paradigm”), an African-American owned institutional investment consulting firm. The Community Foundation will launch the partnership with Paradigm providing an investment strategy for an initial pool of $500K.

“One of the Community Foundation’s core values is incorporating the lens of diversity, inclusion, and equity in everything we do, including where we invest our funds,” says Cynthia H. Andrews, President and CEO of the Community Foundation. “The Community Foundation and its donors take this commitment seriously, and our partnership with Paradigm is another way we are putting our words into action.”


initial investment

1st TIIP Client

The Inclusionary Investment Portfolio

Over the past five years, the Board and staff of the Community Foundation have intentionally focused on deepening their understanding of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity and aligning their practices with this key value. The Community Foundation evaluates grant proposals, considers funding, and supports partners with ongoing community efforts and programs.

“We are fortunate to partner with Paradigm – there are only a few minority-owned institutional investment advisors in the industry, and Paradigm is excellent,” said Mike Shebak, Chair of Community Foundation’s Investment Committee. “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity are central to the Community Foundation’s mission, values, and culture. The Paradigm Inclusionary Investment Portfolio incorporates best-in-class investments with a purposeful tilt toward investment managers and strategies that support inclusionary principles. The Foundation is proud to be Paradigm’s first client and to contribute toward their growth and success.”

Due to the limited options currently available in the investment market, many organizations struggle in their investment approach to balance their fiduciary duty to seek financial wellbeing with their moral and social justice values. Paradigm grasps this challenge, and in 2020, it created The Inclusionary Investment Portfolio (TIIP) to address this gap in the market. TIIP is intended for organizations that seek diversity, equity, and inclusion advisory to their investment portfolios and pursue best-in-class solutions and performance. TIIP is not a fund but rather a model portfolio of varying degrees of risk and returns managed by Paradigm and its sub-advisor on a fully discretionary basis, tailored to specific client risk and return profiles.

“The beauty of our business model is that we seek our top-performing managers in all asset classes. We lead not with diversity and inclusion, but with performance,” Quentin McCorvey, President of Paradigm Institutional Investments. “Engaging Paradigm helps institutional investors balance mission and margin. Social change is not easy, and it takes commitment and clear direction. We are grateful to the Board and staff of the Community Foundation of Lorain County for their leadership in recognizing that being inclusive in their investment process brings a range of positive benefits to our industry and society. They are indeed in the forefront of this nationwide effort, and we hope that more organizations in Northeast Ohio follow their lead and display this kind of bold leadership.”

“The Paradigm portfolio and investments are aligned with the financial objectives of the Community Foundation, which was a requirement for partnership,” states Kevin Donovan, Chairperson of Community Foundation. “The relationship with Paradigm creates an expanded opportunity set for donors and aligns the Community Foundation’s investment process with the organization’s values. We gain a partner in Paradigm that can guide us on inclusionary investment principles, as well as Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity matters more broadly within the minority-owned business space.”

For more information about the Community Foundation of Lorain County, visit, and please call 440.984.7390 to participate in this wonderful investment opportunity.