Community Foundation hosts Caravana in South Lorain

In support of the work of the Census 2020, the Community Foundation of Lorain County partnered with the city of Lorain’s Census committee to hold a caravan(a) to promote awareness of the Census. With staff from the City of Lorain, El Centro, Lorain County Urban League, Lorain Public Library, youth from Achievement thru Community Support and Education (ACES), and volunteers from Neighborhood Connections, the 20-car caravan drove through south Lorain distributing materials from the Census, masks from Lorain County Public Health, coloring books from Lorain Police, and other materials. Following the Caravana, the Lorain County response rate increased to 71.8%.

The Community Foundation of Lorain County has collaborated with the United States Census Bureau in hopes of contributing to an increase in Lorain County Response Rates. Every Census response is significant and contributes to the amount of federal funding distributed in the community.  Community Engagement Fellow, Assata Cheers, has been an active member of the Lorain City Census Committee since the beginning of the year. Census Takers will continue to collect responses from residents across Lorain County through the October 31 deadline. Community members will be prompted to fill out the Census form on an iPad.

The involvement of the Community Foundation has definitely made a positive impact on the 2020 Lorain County Census response rates and we will continue to work towards the goal of a 100% response rate.