Community Foundation Board & Staff Participates in 21-Day Challenge

Through the month of August, the Community Foundation Board of Directors and Staff will actively participate in the 21-Day Challenge for Racial Equality and Social Injustice sponsored by the YWCA of Greater Cleveland.

Over the 21 days, a variety of articles, videos, interviews and podcasts are offered to participants regarding where social injustice comes from and how it has evolved over time. Topics include: women’s suffrage, voter suppression, school segregation, racial disparities in prison, and public health.

The program’s intent is to “provide valuable content and to facilitate meaningful discussions within our community, around current issues of injustice and inequity,” as stated by Margaret Mitchell, President and CEO of the YWCA of Greater Cleveland. Throughout the month, Board and staff will come together to discuss the topics presented in the 21-Day Challenge they feel most passionate in order to spur discussion and expand our awareness. It is our hope that this challenge will encourage all of us to embrace new ideas and habits and to ignite a renewed commitment towards the fight for an equitable community.