April CEO Blog

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.” — Oscar Wilde 

April comes from the Latin word aperio, meaning ‘to open’, which could be a reference to the opening or blossoming of flowers and trees. Those of us that live in Northeast Ohio may beg to differ since we know that April usually means showers and sometimes even snow showers. However, what always strikes me about the early blooms of spring is their resilience. As the crocuses, daffodils, and buds begin to blossom, they are met with rain, snow, and sometimes freezing temperatures. No matter the challenges they face, the early blooms of spring are resilient. That resilience to blossom abounds in our community. 

I also like to consider the “open” meaning of April as an invitation to be open to new possibilities and to step back to think about where we can bring value and make a difference.  Our office is now open, so please stop by to chat and grab a cup of coffee! At the Community Foundation, one way we are doing this is through our focus on supporting young people who are blossoming with opportunities themselves. Whether it is our scholarship program, our Toni Morrison essay contest, or our Lorain County Scholars Connect mentoring program, we aim to help the next generation of Lorain County to bloom and grow.  

As the weather begins to warm up, so do the job internships throughout our community. Organizations including private, public, and non-profit are set to welcome our young people this spring and summer, connecting to causes that matter in Lorain County. We look forward to seeing their ideas at work this summer and finding new and innovative ways to support youth work in Lorain County.  

Please mark your calendar and save the date for our annual meeting on Wednesday, June 15th. We are busy planning a fantastic program that you will not want to miss, including announcing the 2022 Connect to a Cause participating non-profits. Stay tuned for more details.  

I hope that you are finding your own unique ways to blossom and be open to new opportunities this season.  

Be well,