April CEO Blog

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

– Coretta Scott King 

April is Minority Health Month, an important time to shine a light on the inequities that remain in our healthcare systems and communities. Without a doubt, many of our communities are rich in resources, but access to healthcare is not consistent. This is evident as we see the race to get people vaccinated can leave behind vulnerable populations. Our staff here at the Community Foundation and many of our non-profit partners are working tirelessly to help individuals set up appointments, provide transportation, and other services.  Together, we can work to break down barriers and create a more equitable system that works for all of us.

So what are some ways you can get involved to create a more equitable community? One is to join our Hispanic Fund and African American Community Fund. Both Affiliate Funds are looking for new members, and you can join an engaged and diverse group of people working together to address socio-economic, health, education, and other issues and create opportunities within the Lorain County community.  You can donate to our COVID-19 Response Fund or Racial Equity Fund. Both funds are still open and accepting donations from those who want to make a direct impact in our community.

As another testament to our community’s culture of giving, I would like to share some fantastic news. Today, with grants and scholarships topping $100M, the Community Foundation is consistently ranked among the top 10% of Community Foundations nationwide. This is additional proof that our mission – Connecting People Who Care with Causes that Matter – continues to resonate with donors even after four decades. Given our county’s population scale, this high level of community giving through the Community Foundation is truly impressive, and we are grateful to all our donors.

These examples of community and the spring awakening all around us give me hope that we can all be together again soon to enjoy the beautiful weather, fresh air, outdoor activities, and the gift of reconnecting with friends and neighbors. We have been fortunate to have technology connecting us, but there is nothing quite like seeing you all in person.

Finally, thank you for all you do. It is this power of community that drives us to ensure Lorain County is a better place for all.