Lorain County Scholars Connect

Welcome to the Lorain County Scholars Connect

Much more than a just a directory,  the Lorain County Scholars Connect is a space for students and professionals to connect with one another. This site is designed to create connection, promote engagement, and stimulate growth within our community.

Business professionals, community volunteers, and other educators give back to the community by offering mentorship and advice to those just starting their career journey.  Likewise, those established in their career can network with other professionals and learn about opportunities to better themselves, strengthen their skills, and generate partnerships with other companies or organizations.

Lorain County Scholars Connect is open to all business professionals and community volunteers in Lorain County, as well as all Community Foundation scholarship recipients and all alumni of the Youth Fund, an affiliate fund of the Community Foundation of Lorain County.

Lorain County Scholars Connect is an extension of you. Together, we can continue to strengthen and grow our community.

Questions about Lorain County Scholars Connect?