Connect to a Cause 2023

Connecting People who Care with Causes that Matter

We are excited to bring together passionate individuals, businesses, and organizations for a heartfelt endeavor to uplift and support non-profit organizations in Lorain County that make a difference in our community. 

At the heart of Connect to a Cause is a 12-hour crowdfunding campaign, held on September 21, 2023, where community members can donate directly to non-profit organizations that align with their values and interests. With over 90 non-profits participating, there are sure to be multiple organizations you would like to support! 

One of the unique aspects of Connect to a Cause is its ability to provide both immediate and long-term support for participating organizations. The funds raised during this crowdfunding campaign go beyond simply meeting the organizations’ current budgetary needs; they also enable organizations to build their endowment. This unique approach empowers organizations to be proactive and sustainable in their efforts to make a lasting impact in Lorain County. 

Business Champions

With the help of our Business Champions, Connect to a Cause is taking impact to the next level! Business Champion dollars are the primary source of funding for incentives that are awarded to these dedicated participating organizations on and after Connect to a Cause Day.  While our bonus pool is prorated based upon overall fundraising that day, other exciting cash incentives are awarded at random based upon organizational participation. All Business Champion dollars ensure that each contribution is amplified and makes a more significant difference. 

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FAQs for Donors

Connect to a Cause is a community-wide day of giving created to support local non-profit agencies in Lorain County. All donations are coordinated by the Community Foundation of Lorain County and then disbursed to participating organizations following the day of giving.

  • There is no limit to the amount of money a non-profit can raise during Connect to a Cause. The number of donors is also not limited.
  • A minimum of 25% of the organization’s fundraising proceeds from Connect to a Cause will remain in each organization’s agency endowment fund.  The remaining donations will be given directly to the organization to support its mission.
  • A preliminary donation total will be announced at 8:00 PM on Thursday, September 21, with the final total raised on October 3.

The easiest way to make a donation will be through the Community Foundation website at by using a debit or credit card. However, other forms of payment are accepted as well.

  • Checks and/or cash donations must include the Check & Cash Donation Form and be postmarked by Thursday, September 21, or delivered in-person to the Foundation office by 8:00 PM on September 21.
  • Donor Advised Fund (DAF) and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) donations must include the DAF & IRA Contribution Form.  While the DAF/IRA check will come from the DAF/IRA administrator, a copy of the DAF/IRA donation form must be received by email by 8:00 PM on September 21.
  • While recurring donations are encouraged, only donations received on the Connect to a Cause day count towards the total. 
  • The minimum donation amount is $5.

We encourage donors to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to help support their favorite non-profit’s participation in Connect to a Cause. You can also build momentum by responding to the content posted on our Community Foundation Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages. The hashtag #C2CLorainCounty will be the central “hub” for Connect to a Cause communication.

Community Foundation/Connect to a Cause Social Networks:

@CommunityFoundationLorainCounty to tag
C2C hashtags: #peoplewhocare #causesthatmatter #C2CLorainCounty

@Connectcarematr to tag
C2C hashtags: #peoplewhocare #causesthatmatter #C2CLorainCounty

@Connectcarematr to tag
C2C hashtags: #peoplewhocare #causesthatmatter #C2CLorainCounty

@CommunityFoundationLorainCounty to tag
C2C hashtags: #peoplewhocare #causesthatmatter #C2CLorainCounty


There is no fee associated with participating in Connect to a Cause for the organization.  However, any donation made via credit card will incur processing fees of 2.9% plus $0.30.  We have implemented an option for donors to cover a portion of the credit card fee at a flat rate of 3%.


The Community Foundation will acknowledge all contributions with tax receipts.  Automatic thank you emails with the tax receipts will go out to all donors who donate via credit card at  Donations by check will be acknowledged throughout the month of October.

Unless a donor makes an anonymous donation, donor information will be shared with the non-profits for their own, non-tax-related thank you letters.

For marketing, or general questions:

Brittany Lovett, Marketing and Communications Officer

For questions regarding your endowment fund:

Laura Malone, Development Officer

For technical questions regarding the online donor portal:

Missy Timko, Data Management Coordinator

For questions regarding donations:

Jim Stobe, CFO