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July Grant Cycle Announced Early


Elyria, Ohio-May 27, 2019

Community Foundation of Lorain County Board of Directors announced $585K in grant awards to 12 organizations ahead of the regular July grant schedule.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Lorain County non-profits are operating at capacity to meet the needs of the community. Non-profits’ applied for the July grant cycle in January with the expectation that the decisions would be by July. “During this time, we know that our local non-profits are facing daily challenges,” says Cindy Andrews, President & CEO at the Community Foundation of Lorain County. “Thanks to our generous donors and our grants committee, we wanted to be as responsive as possible to meet those emergency needs as quickly as possible.”

The Board of Directors approved a grant of $96,000 to Neighborhood Alliance to enable the organization to provide much needed hot meals to seniors around Lorain County. The grant will enable Neighborhood Alliance to replace an aging hot meal delivery vehicle and increase the number of meals going out to seniors. 

“The need for Home Delivered Meals throughout Lorain County has increased significantly over the last several years, with our waitlist topping out at nearly 500 older community members waiting for food,” says Alicia Foss, President & Chief Executive Officer at Neighborhood Alliance. “The age of our fleet of vehicles and our capacity for each truck limits how many people we can serve. The Community Foundation of Lorain County has provided us with a great opportunity to begin the replacement of our outdated fleet to help ensure Home Delivered Meals continue to run within the county.”

To learn more about our grantees, visit peoplewhocare.org.


2020 July Grantees:

Alzheimer's Association $50K

Catholic Charities Corporation $70K

Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center $35K

Legal Aid Society of Cleveland $55K

Let's Get Real, Inc. $25K

Lorain County Free Clinic, Inc. $65K

Lorain County Health & Dentistry $75K

Lorain County Safe Harbor Genesis House $50K

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry $25K

Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center $14K

Neighborhood Alliance $96K

Oberlin Community Services Council $25K


For more information or to assist our community, please visit peoplewhocare.org or call 440.984.7390.

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