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Hispanic Fund awards $17,850 in grants


            Elyria, OH, September 15, 2017

The Hispanic Fund, an Affiliate Fund of the Community Foundation, has awarded $17,850 in grants to benefit Hispanic communities in Lorain County. Programs include The Home-Delivered Meals Program from Neighborhood Alliance reaches elderly Hispanic residents who face barriers to regular nutrition due to lack of transportation to the grocery store, physical and mental disabilities, or financial instability. A $2,000 grant to the Museum of Hispanic and Latino Cultures supports a mobile exhibit on the intersection of African and Latino cultures in art and dance to be displayed in select Lorain City Schools, and also supports an exhibit held at Lorain Historical Society in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.  A $3,750 grant to Salvation Army of Lorain supports the Learning Zone After School Program. The after-school program operates five days a week in select Lorain City Schools and seeks to improve academic performance among participants with tutoring and provides them recreational activities. A full list of grants awarded follows.

7 Total Grants = $17,850

Arts & Culture ‑ $2,000

Museum of Hispanic and Latino Cultures
      African influence on the Latino Cultures & Latino Art & Artist - $2,000

Civic Affairs - $2,500

Coalition for Hispanic Issues and Progress (CHIP) 
      23rd Hispanic Leadership Conference - $2,500

Social Services ‑ $8,750 

El Centro de Servicios Sociales, Inc. 
      El Dorado Seniors Program - $3,000

Neighborhood Alliance 
      Home Delivered Meals for Hispanic Elderly - $2,000

 Salvation Army Lorain 
      Learning Zone After School Program - $3,750

Youth Development - $4,600

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lorain County, Inc.
      The Hermandad Project- $1,600

United Boxing Club, Inc.
      Youth Boxing Program- $3,000

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