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A Game of Consequences

April 12, 2017
I have a love/hate relationship with the game MONOPOLY.  On those rare occasions when PARK PLACE and BOARDWALK are filled with my HOTELS I just know the game is mine for the winning.  But all too often I end up with a handful of properties with different colors and the game is nothing short of agonizing.  I’m sure you know the feeling and I’d ask you to just pause on those emotions – it’s important to the analogy I’m going to make.

To Every Season

March 15, 2017
I’m showing my age but “Turn, Turn, Turn” has been a favorite of mine since the Byrds released Pete Seeger’s classic in 1965.  Actually, my age and this song are the central points of this blog because, as you probably already have heard, I’m retiring as CEO of the Community Foundation of Lorain County at the end of the year.  

High Tech or High Touch… or Both?

February 15, 2017
Community Foundations struggle with similar realities as do any other good businesses. We need to employ smart and effective technology to keep our costs reasonable, our quality high, and our operations as efficient as possible. But we also aspire to personal interaction between our staff and those we serve. And we are wise enough to know that these two approaches are often at odds with each other, asking the question: should we be high tech OR high touch?

Looking Ahead in 2017

January 12, 2017
2017 promises to be a year of change, and that includes the year ahead for Lorain County and the Community Foundation. We at the Foundation are excited about several opportunities for innovation in how we can have an impact in Lorain County. Changes that will make us more accessible, viable, and in touch with the community.

Living Within Means

December 12, 2016
The Board of the Community Foundation will shortly determine our spending rate (grantmaking amount) for 2017 and I thought it might be interesting to give you a glimpse behind the curtain to see some of the factors that go into those decisions. 

If You Build It...

November 2, 2016
Can you believe this year?  The Cavs win the championship, Cleveland gained national kudos for how it hosted the RNC, and the Indians make it to the World Series (as I’m writing this Game 7 is set to commence in Cleveland).  I don’t think it could be more surprising than if we literally wandered into a mystical cornfield and discovered the most fantastic baseball team history could produce.   

Don’t Test the Fish, Question the Groundwater

October 6, 2016
By Brian Frederick We’ve been focusing much of our attention at the Community Foundation on diversity, inclusion, and equity, as evidenced by the theme of this newsletter.  The Community Foundation serves a community that is vastly different than when we were created in 1980. We know the community will continue to change in the coming years and decades, if the Community Foundation is to remain vital and viable we need to evolve with it.  But beyond this noble rationale, the need for greater diversity, inclusion, and equity is visible each and every day.  There are no fast and easy answers, but inaction is definitely not an option.    

A Hand Up Not a Hand Out

August 23, 2016
Last year I had to say no to a donor who wanted to establish a scholarship fund for the children of a family whose parents were tragically killed.  This is an example of one of the hardest types of conversations I’ve had in my 19 years at the Community Foundation. 

The Danger of Jargon: Collaboration or Co-blab-oration?

July 20, 2016
Collaboration is a term I’ve heard and said tens of thousands of times over my (mumbled) years of working in the “for good” sector.  By definition it makes so much sense; two or more individuals or organizations working together for mutual benefit, but I fear that we use words like this so much that they lose their meaning and punch.  This is the danger of jargon.

The NEED is REAL, the TIME is NOW

July 5, 2016
A crowd converged on Ely Square in downtown Elyria at noon on Wednesday, June 28th to show their support for the expansion of public transit in Lorain County.  Banners proclaimed “The NEED is REAL, the TIME is NOW!” at the public rally hosted by MOVE Lorain County (Mobility & Opportunity for a Vibrant Economy).
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We believe the perpetuity of our efforts are linked to sustainable practices.

We believe access to the CFLC should be fair, inclusive, and equitable.

We support innovative programs and act as a catalyst in identifying problems and sharing information with individuals, other foundations, and corporations.

We believe integrity is our greatest asset and value trust earned with fiscal responsibility, ethical stewardship, and transparency

We exercise and promote leadership in meeting the changing needs and opportunities in the community.

We work to mobilize individuals to become active partners in building a better community.

We value excellence, which we define as providing the best service to all.

We value integrity, which we define as always doing the right thing.

We believe strategy, creativity, and adaptability are keys to thriving in a constantly changing world.

Through our efforts, the Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life and to instill a greater sense of unity in Lorain County.

We provide a permanent instrument for receiving and managing charitable gifts and bequests.

We believe in purposeful and collaborative community leadership.

We value community, which we define as putting self aside for the betterment of the whole.