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How to Grow an Agency Endowment Fund

1. Mention planned giving/endowment fund in all agency publications. For example, write something like

“Please name [AGENCY/ENDOWMENT NAME] to receive a bequest from your estate.”


“A planned gift to benefit [AGENCY/ENDOWMENT NAME] will continue your tradition of supporting our work.”

Use this language on every piece of literature you print (annual report, brochures, newsletters, letterhead, envelopes, etc).

2. Use one of these planned gift explanations in each issue of your organization’s newsletter:

  • Bequest – A gift transferred by Last Will & Testament may be a dollar amount, a specific asset, a percentage of the estate, or the residue remaining after all other bequests have been satisfied.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust – Cash or property is transferred to the trust and beneficiaries receive annually an amount equal to a fixed percentage of the trust's fair market value (unitrust) or a fixed dollar amount (annuity trust). Upon termination of the trust, the assets are transferred to your agency’s endowment fund at the Community Foundation to support your work.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity – After paying the donor (and spouse) a fixed stream of income for life, the remaining principal is transferred to your agency’s endowment fund at the Community Foundation. Payments to the beneficiary are based upon the donor’s age; the older the donor, the higher the rate.
  • Retirement Plan – Constituent’s may name your agency’s endowment fund as beneficiary of their retirement plan and eliminate the income tax that would otherwise be payable by their heirs; this choice of gift may also reduce federal estate tax.
  • Life insurance – Call the Community Foundation to discuss options for gifts of life insurance policies to benefit your agency’s endowment fund and provide a tax deduction for the donor

3. Take advantage of the Community Foundation’s offer to print 200 brochures/year to explain and encourage gifts to your endowment.

4. Display endowment brochures and distribute copies at all open houses and events.

5. Have one special event each year dedicated to raising money exclusively for the endowment.

6. Encourage donors to make contributions to the endowment in honor or in memory of family, friends, and business colleagues; develop an in-house policy that all gifts received in honor or in memory will be added to the endowment; print lists of gifts received in annual report and/or newsletters.

7. Engage the financial support of your Board as individual donors and/or to honor the service of members who retire from the Board.

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