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The Community Foundation of Lorain County is dedicated to enriching the lives of those living and working in Lorain County, Ohio.

Community Foundation of Lorain County Legacy Society

The Community Foundation of Lorain County is designed and operated to be a permanent resource to enhance the quality of life and quality of place in our community. Many of our donors contribute during their lifetimes to create or build endowment funds and many have arranged for a gift from their estate after they pass and no longer need their assets.  These generous individuals are recognized as distinquished members of our Legacy Society.

Geoffrey and Cynthia Andrews
Don Arnold
Jeanne and Andrius Balukas
Fred and Mary Behm
John and Mary Beth Bergenstein
Beth Blissman
Sue Bowers
Barbara Cook
Belen B. Cornelio
Lise Day
Sally DeLuca
Richard and Betty Durack
Mike Eppley
Ann Fauver
Robert and Melinda Feiklowicz
Jean Fischer
Brian and Karen Frederick
James R. Gailey
Jack and Candy Gaudry
Carol C. And Albert J. Gonas
Michael and Lee Ann Goodman
Shirley Hull
Joy Illig
Claudia Jones
John Paul and Marilyn Jones
Linda A. Kerekes
William and Helen Mansfield
William and Martha McFadden
Robert and Janet McMinn
Nancy Meyers
Jeffrey Moats
Maxwell Morgan

Kim Mulder
Kevin Nash
Jane Nord
Benjamin and Jane Norton
Lois Ohlemacher
Nirmala Patel
Mark Prinz and Gayle Reeves
Elvira Quester
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Reed Sr.
Michelle Reichlin
Robert M. Renney
George Roling
Dr. John and Susan Schaeffer
Pete Schneider
Judith A. Schutz
Denise Shafer and James Strunk
Michael Sherrill
Carol G. Simonetti
Linda Slusser
Stephen and Gail Smith
Scott and Jodi Stewart
Daniel and Linda Ong Styer
Drs. John and Eugenia Vanek
Joan Villarreal
Randall E. Wagner
Karen Wells
Janet Kelsey Werner
Doug and Lorie Wilber
Helen Woodward
Madeline Zaworski
Sherry Zimmerman
Anonymous (multiple)

About Our Legacy Society

Those who remember the Foundation through a will, trust, designation or other planned gift, are invited to join in the Community Foundation's Legacy Society. Too often, these gifts are unrecognized because we are unaware of these special gifts until the donor has passed away. At these times, proper appreciation cannot be expressed and questions regarding the specific purpose of the gift may remain unanswered. The Legacy Society provides a way to recognize and thank donors during their lifetime(s), and ensure that your wishes are properly documented.

Involvement in the Legacy Society gives you the opportunity to enjoy the company of others who, like yourself, care about leaving a legacy to protect and strengthen this community.

You may always choose to remain anonymous in your philanthropy. However, participation in the Legacy Society can be an inspirational experience, and may encourage others to look toward the future and how they too may have an enduring impact on the causes they care about.

Only a statement of intent to leave a gift to the County Foundation of Lorain County is required. No documentation of gift amount or type is necessary. Legacy Society members may designate the use of the distributions from their future gifts, or may leave the distributions to the discretion of our Board of Directors. A Legacy Society gift may be used to establish a new fund or may be added to any of the Foundation's existing funds.

Contact the Community Foundation to be included in our Legacy Society by establishing a planned gift or informing us of a planned gift to a Fund at the Foundation.


We exercise and promote leadership in meeting the changing needs and opportunities in the community.

We work to mobilize individuals to become active partners in building a better community.

We believe in purposeful and collaborative community leadership.

We value excellence, which we define as providing the best service to all.

We value integrity, which we define as always doing the right thing.

We believe integrity is our greatest asset and value trust earned with fiscal responsibility, ethical stewardship, and transparency

We provide a permanent instrument for receiving and managing charitable gifts and bequests.

We believe the perpetuity of our efforts are linked to sustainable practices.

We support innovative programs and act as a catalyst in identifying problems and sharing information with individuals, other foundations, and corporations.

We believe strategy, creativity, and adaptability are keys to thriving in a constantly changing world.

Through our efforts, the Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life and to instill a greater sense of unity in Lorain County.

We believe access to the CFLC should be fair, inclusive, and equitable.

We value community, which we define as putting self aside for the betterment of the whole.