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The Community Foundation of Lorain County is dedicated to enriching the lives of those living and working in Lorain County, Ohio.

About Us

Who We Are:

The Community Foundation of Lorain County is Lorain County's Center of Philanthropy.  We currently steward endowed funds that will forever carry out the charitable dreams of their donors.  We work with donors and their financial advisors to craft charitable giving options that allow them to do good in the community while doing well financially.  As an organization deeply anchored in Lorain County, we work tirelessly with our partners to make our community the best and strongest it can be.

A Gift That Lasts Forever:

It all starts with a gift to establish a new Fund or to add to an existing one.  The Donor gives the Fund a name and purpose and the Foundation invests the gifts so the Fund will grow and awards grants each and every year for the purpose set by the donor.  Multiply this by over 660 and you have the Community Foundation of Lorain County.  Whether $100 or $1,000,000, your gift will last forever and will continually benefit our community.

CFLC Infographic landscapeA Picture is worth...

The Community Foundation of Lorain County is a simple concept that touches peoples lives in many different ways.  Check out this infographic for a more visual depiction of what makes the Foundation a valuable community asset.

Interested in Becoming a Donor? You Have Plenty of Options:

Maybe you grew up in Lorain County and always admired certain landmarks, like Lake Erie, the Lorain Rose Garden, or the Metroparks. Here at the Foundation, we have funds that support and sustain the natural beauty in which we are lucky to live.

Maybe you're interested in sheltering the homeless, feeding the hungry, or honoring the memory of a loved one who passed away from Alzheimer's disease? Or maybe you want to see transformational change in growing new entrepreneurs? You can establish or give to existing funds in the areas of arts and culture, civic affairs (including environmental and historical preservation), economic development, education, health, and social services, which will always provide a lasting testament to the greater good.

We appreciate the trust and faith our donors place in the Community Foundation and use our Donor Bill of Rights and Privacy Policy to govern our stewardship of these relationships.

We accept a variety of assets, and donors can give at any monetary level. Please explore our Fund and Gift Types page for more about how you can contribute. 

Added Value and Impact

The Community Foundation of Lorain County is much more than a grantmaker. The Foundation is a vital part of Lorain County, engaged in planning and problem solving with our fellow Foundations, other funders, nonprofit organizations, government, and the private sector. The foundation uses all of its financial, human, and organizational capital to positively impact our community, and all this is made possible through each and every gift to better our community.

We exercise and promote leadership in meeting the changing needs and opportunities in the community.

We work to mobilize individuals to become active partners in building a better community.

We believe in purposeful and collaborative community leadership.

We value excellence, which we define as providing the best service to all.

We value integrity, which we define as always doing the right thing.

We believe integrity is our greatest asset and value trust earned with fiscal responsibility, ethical stewardship, and transparency

We provide a permanent instrument for receiving and managing charitable gifts and bequests.

We believe the perpetuity of our efforts are linked to sustainable practices.

We support innovative programs and act as a catalyst in identifying problems and sharing information with individuals, other foundations, and corporations.

We believe strategy, creativity, and adaptability are keys to thriving in a constantly changing world.

Through our efforts, the Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life and to instill a greater sense of unity in Lorain County.

We believe access to the CFLC should be fair, inclusive, and equitable.

We value community, which we define as putting self aside for the betterment of the whole.