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The Community Foundation of Lorain County is dedicated to enriching the lives of those living and working in Lorain County, Ohio.

Grant Seekers

Grant Priorities

The Board is very concerned about accountability and sustainability of programs. Organizations should have a diversified funding base. The Board is also interested in innovative programs that are responsive to community needs, partnerships, and collaborative efforts. Lower priority is given to capital and equipment requests, services required by state law, and duplication of existing services.


Grant seekers may only apply for one project per grant cycle. Organizations must be located in or provide services to residents within Lorain County. Grant seekers outside Lorain County must provide information on Lorain County residents served. Grants will only be awarded to tax-exempt organizations classified as 501(c)(3) charities by the Internal Revenue Service. If your program does not have a tax-exempt ruling from the IRS, please complete the Fiscal Sponsor Information Form.


Reporting requirements from prior grants must be fulfilled before applying again. Grants will not be made to individuals, for debt reduction, loans, for-profit businesses, tickets for benefits, annual appeals, tours, telephone solicitations, political campaigns, and religious activities. Scholarships will only be paid to accredited educational institutions (no payments to students).

Application Procedure

Fill in the application forms completely. Incomplete applications may result in your grant application being deferred to another grant cycle or declined.

Grant Info and Forms

Please contact our office for further information at (440) 984-7390.

Grant Cycle Application Deadline
Board Decisions
General February 1
July 1
3rd Wednesday in July
3rd Wednesday in December
  Application - Word
Application - PDF
Report Form - Word
Report Form - PDF

Additional Information

You may need to include additional information with your grant request:

  • A cover letter signed by the board president and executive director.
  • Financial statements: projected annual budget and year-to-date activity.
  • Three years profit and loss statements: detailing actual revenue and expenses in $ and % (two prior fiscal years and the current year). For example, itemize sources from government (federal/state/county/city), program fees (separate programs), individual donations, corporations, foundations, federated campaigns, endowment, fundraisers, and others. The budget should also reflect organizational administrative and program costs.
  • A projected future program budget of revenue sources that will sustain the program beyond our grant.
  • Most recent audit (full copy with notes) Add Management Letter.
  • Copy of your most recent IRS Form 990 filed.
  • List of current board members. (Indicate any members who are paid staff.)
  • Most recent Annual Report.
  • Dated newspaper articles about your agency and brochures.
  • Support letters should be sent with your application and not sent separately.
  • IRS tax-exempt letter.


Connect with Us

Linda-Styer Linda Ong Styer
Senior Program Officer

We exercise and promote leadership in meeting the changing needs and opportunities in the community.

We work to mobilize individuals to become active partners in building a better community.

We believe strategy, creativity, and adaptability are keys to thriving in a constantly changing world.

We believe access to the CFLC should be fair, inclusive, and equitable.

We value community, which we define as putting self aside for the betterment of the whole.

We believe the perpetuity of our efforts are linked to sustainable practices.

We believe in purposeful and collaborative community leadership.

We provide a permanent instrument for receiving and managing charitable gifts and bequests.

We value integrity, which we define as always doing the right thing.

Through our efforts, the Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life and to instill a greater sense of unity in Lorain County.

We value excellence, which we define as providing the best service to all.

We support innovative programs and act as a catalyst in identifying problems and sharing information with individuals, other foundations, and corporations.

We believe integrity is our greatest asset and value trust earned with fiscal responsibility, ethical stewardship, and transparency